It’s Easy To Get Your iPad Looking The Best It Ever Has

Now you can fix nearly any damaged component on your favorite Apple tablet with specialized repair kits and replacement parts that make it easy and affordable. Whether your screen is cracked or has dead spots from water damage or a home button that doesn’t work; there are plenty of cost efficient options you will find here at Zeetron for fixing and personalizing your tablet, no matter what model you have.

Do it yourself toolkits are available and provide a simple solution for easily opening the case and completing the repair from the comfort of your own home. These high tech gadgets have incredibly tiny parts, so you need specialized tools that are made for just that purpose and step along the way. An iPad Do-It-Yourself repair kit will contain everything you need to get inside the tablet so you can make the needed repairs. Even removing the screen involves accessing tiny screws so you need a screwdriver that is made for such a delicate job. Instructions, tools and parts are including in available toolkits that will allow you to open your iPad and replace parts without damaging any other components.

Replacement parts are available to fix just about any problem that may go wrong with your favorite electronic gadget. From touchscreens to camera mechanisms, if you know what specific part is not working, you can simply order what you need and replace it to get your iPad back in tip top condition. A fresh battery can provide extra hours or portable entertainment, and we are constantly releasing new products as they become available.

Why not have a little fun while repairing your iPad and give it a new look with an iPad Color Swap Kit? No more simple black or white frames. You can actually change the color of the exterior casing by switching out the frame and there are several cool colors to choose from and best of all, each Color Swap Kit includes an entire touchscreen assembly to give you a virtually brand new iPad! Convert it with a variety of frame color options to get the customized look you want. If you want to personalize it even further, you can choose different colors for the front and back.

Save money by repairing just about anything that goes wrong with your Apple iPad, and we are your source for iPad repair parts and Color Swap Kits. It’s our goal to help you keep your favorite devices running for years, and you can contact our expert repair technicians anytime for help with your home gadget repair projects.


There Are More iPhone Repair Options Than You Realize

With well over 200 million iPhones being sold since their release in mid 2007, chances are good that you not only know someone who owns an iPhone, but probably have one in your household as well. If you fall into the latter category you may be familiar with the sickening feeling of dread that comes from seeing, what used to be, your flawless device hitting the pavement. Fortunately, there are many different iPhone repair options available, ranging from top-of-the-line, certified repair costing hundreds of dollars to inexpensive DIY kits available online right here at Zeetron.

Though the idea of dismantling this amazing piece of technology can be a bit intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. With the proper tools, and a willingness to do some online research, you can save a substantial amount of money over using a professional service. This is a great option for those who want to upgrade certain aspects of their phone such as the faceplate color, or who simply need to repair a worn out Home button. Most every broken piece of your phone can be found for less than a hundred bucks and out of those, many can be found for less than thirty. This can prove to be a very economical means of fixing everything from the headphone jack to the charging port.

Still concerned that you’ll do more harm than good trying to repair your device? Don’t worry, here at Zeetron we make it easy and offer specialized kits that include the tools necessary to pry, screw, and peel the fragile components apart and effectively repair or replace the damaged ones. Some are created specifically with a certain repair in mind, such as a cracked screen, while others include extra tools with specialized uses for those who may need to perform future repairs on different parts. Like with anything else, having the right tools for the job makes all the difference in the world. Not only will you feel more confident in performing the repair, but it will make it go much smoother and quicker as well. Perhaps most importantly, specialized toolkits reduce the risk of harming your device during the repair process.

Though your heart may have broken when your screen did, don’t lose hope. There are many more iPhone repair options out there than you think. With a little practice, a little patience, and the little part you ordered, you’ll have your phone up and running like new in no time.

A Rainbow Of Colors For Your iPhone

The Apple iPhone is currently available in two colors: black or white. Originally only available in black, the announcement of the release of white iPhones was met with tremendous excitement by customers everywhere. We all want to be unique, right? And, who doesn’t want to have more color choices for their iPhone?

We understand where you are coming from and can relate to your desire to search for more customization options for your phone. This is why we are proud to offer the amazing Zeetron iPhone Color Swap kit. These are more than cosmetic facelifts or repair parts for your favorite iPhone model, and yes, they are available in over a dozen color options. Our Color Swap kits not only improve the cosmetic finish of your phone, but also include replacement parts for the most damaged component, the touchscreen!

Zeetron offers iPhone replacement parts and do-it-yourself repair kits for all of the most popular iPhone models in the form of our Color Swap kits. Our custom designed color swap kits not only change the color of the exterior shell, they also give your iPhone a completely new LCD digitizer and home button component. The kits are a fantastic way to repair a cracked screen or faulty home button, while giving your iPhone a new look. The cost of the iPhone color swap kit is remarkably low and will save you money when compared to going to a repair shop. The best part is that you can order your do-it-yourself kit online, so you can customize your phone without ever having to leave home. How convenient is that?

The iPhone color swap kit comes with a number of vital components such as the digitizer/LCD assembly and back plate in your choice of color with a matching color home button, Torx screwdriver, 7-Piece Zeetron tool Kit, Factory-attached speaker mesh, and Microfiber cloth. With all these tools, you will have no problem fixing your iPhone.

We understand that you may be concerned about the do-it-yourself process. This is why we have instructional videos available on our website that will show you the step by step process to repair your iPhone. You can also contact our certified repair technicians for help in using your do-it-yourself kit. It’s our goal to make it as easy as possible for you to customize and repair your iPhone at home, and we work closely with our suppliers to offer a huge selection of colors!

Our iPhone color swap kits are available in yellow, green, baby blue, dark blue, red, orange, pink, black and white. Shiny color options include gold, silver, red, blue and purple. There is also a clear color swap kit available, allowing you to make your phone truly unique. Express yourself and upgrade your favorite Apple gadget with a Color Swap kit from your gadget repair experts!

What An iPhone 4S Color Swap Kit Does

Has your Apple iPhone 4S become boring and broken, or have you just grown tired of looking at the plain black or white color of it? If this is the case, then the iPhone 4S Color Swap Kit is what you need to make your phone new again both cosmetically and functionally. This easy-to-use kit includes everything you need to change the color and appearance of your iPhone 4S, and replaces many important components that might be damaged such as the LCD screen or digitizer. You can think of a Color Swap Kit as an easy iPhone repair and a total makeover option in one simple kit.

The iPhone 4s Color Swap Kit includes all the tools you need to open the iPhone and replace the LCD, the Digitizer assembly, and the back door with matching parts that completely change the look of your iPhone. The microphone mesh is built in, and it even includes a matching color Home button. From black or white, to baby blue or red, shiny purple to silver, no one else can give you such a complete phone makeover with so many options in such an easy do-it-yourself kit. Forget custom etching, this is real customization!

These specialized kits include all the tools you need to open your device and replace many of the important parts without damaging the phone. The carefully designed 7-piece tool kit included makes the process easy, safe and quick. The retina display included matches your original in resolution, brightness and contrast, and is the same Multi-Touch technology as the original. In every way, this kit makes your phone the same, but better.

Most common problems with iPhones are related to the LCD, the home button, or the digitizer assembly and all of these can be fixed with this kit. There are a number of amazing how-to video that demonstrates the extraordinary ease with which you can open and repair your device. These videos will answer all of your questions about the value and simplicity of performing a color swap on your iPhone, and give you the confidence you need to make your phone a personal statement in color. The process is easy, and the inside of the phone is both fascinating and fun, which is why you should also check out the amazing clear option for your phone. Do-it-yourself iPhone repair and color swapping can be done by anyone. There are even kits for all of your favorite Apple devices like the iPad, iPod and iPhone and you won’t find a better selection than right here at Zeetron. So no matter what device you prefer, you can give them the custom look and feel that you want while keeping them running problem free for years to come.


Updating And Personalizing Your iPhone 4S

While many people are flocking to get their hands on Apple’s latest, the iPhone 5, others are content to keep their iPhone 4S. There are literally thousands of cases on the market to help you customize your phone, but a case can only do so much. Sometimes, having a way to make your black or white iPhone 4S entirely unique is the perfect way to express every facet of your personality. Here are just a few benefits you get by using our amazing Zeetron iPhone 4S Color Swap.

If you, like many people, are a bit bored with the typical black or white shade of your phone, our iPhone 4S Color Swap is the perfect solution. These do-it-yourself kits contain an LCD and Digitizer assembly, along with a matching back piece, in every color of the rainbow. Whether you prefer something shiny like gold or silver or a more subdued hue like blue or pink, this kit gives you everything you need–screwdrivers and all–to essentially create a whole new iPhone. the best part about these do-it-yourself iPhone 4S Color Swap kits is that they are extremely affordable: only $69.99 for matte colors and $79.99 for shiny colors.

It is everyone’s worst nightmare–the moment when they drop the beautiful iPhone 4S on a hard surface and crack the glass on the front or back panel. While such a drop used to require you to invest in a new phone or live with a cracked screen for the rest of your contract, our iPhone 4S Do It Yourself Repair Kit saves you the trouble and hassle of replacing your phone entirely or dealing with a broken screen. The awesome thing is that, with our replacement screens, you are not limited to black and white. While you can certainly stick with these traditional colors, our iPhone 4S Do It Yourself Repair Kit opens a whole new world of colorful possibilities for your cracked or broken screen or back.

Giving your phone a complete makeover or repairing it after an unfortunate drop has never been easier than our do-it-yourself kits. Whether you simply need a white replacement back for your phone or want to go all out with our iPhone 4S Color Swap, you are sure to find our products both a cost-effective and high-quality way to both repair and personalize your iPhone 4S.

The Easiest Way To Personalize Your iPhone 5 While Repairing It

Ever since the iPhone originally hit the market in 2007, it has grown to be one of the most popular phones ever. Currently, the latest version of the iPhone is the iPhone 5 and here at Zeetron you will find an amazing number of options to personalize yours and keep it running problem free for years to come with the help of our Do It Yourself iPhone repair kits.

One of the most popular products for your iPhone 5 is a kit to change the color of the device, called an iPhone 5 Color Swap Kit. These kits essentially allow you to change the color of your phone from black or white to almost any color that you want. The kit comes with the necessary tools required for changing the back plates of the phone, which ensures that the process does not damage your phone and that it is easy to do yourself. On the iPhone 5, the parts that are replaced with these kits are the two back plate parts, the first being located above the metal surface, and the second being located below.

These kits are mostly used to repair problems like a cracked screen or back plate, however there are a number of iPhone 5 replacement parts that can be purchased and replaced at an individual basis. These iPhone 5 replacement parts include home buttons, cameras, screws, and of course the screen. These kits come with not only the parts that you want to replace, but also all of the tools necessary to replace those parts, ranging from screw drivers to opening tools to tweezers, and so on. If you need to replace a few of these items keep in mind that essentially all of these components are replaced with a Color Swap Kit as they contain the entire LCD screen and digitizer as well as the home button and other vital components.

Not only are these kits helpful for fixing broken parts on your iPhone, but they are also much cheaper than sending your iPhone in to get repaired by Apple. Using kits like this also means that you won’t have to wait a long time for your phone to be repaired as you can get the kit and have it done in less than a couple hours. Again, repair kits for the iPhone 5 are quite cheap, and surely cheaper than it would be to send your phone to Apple to be repaired.

As we can see there are a number of great DIY kits out there to repair and upgrade your iPhone 5. You can personalize your iPhone to suit your own style and color preferences without having to rely on Apples limited color choice. You can also repair your phone if it breaks within a couple of hours which is much better than having to send it in, sometimes for months. No matter which route you take here at Zeetron you won’t find a larger number of options to help you get the job done!


We Make iPod Repairs Easier And More Affordable

Those who have cracked their iPod screen or done other seemingly irreparable damage to this device may get a sinking feeling that their device is now worthless. Either that or they will need to get help from an expensive iPod repair service provider to get it working again. What many do not realize is just how easy it is these days to complete an iPod repair all by yourself and from the comfort of your own home.

Finding iPod replacement parts used to be a hard and frustrating process. Thanks to your Apple gadget repair experts here at Zeetron, finding any imaginable replacement part for an iPod is now possible and our website has comprehensive selection of all the parts needed to yours running in perfect condition. All the replacement parts are specifically designed for each individual model and can be easily sorted and viewed through our user friendly website and shipped directly to your front door!

Better yet is the large selection of available iPod repair kits. Instead of having to go to several different sites to acquire all the repair parts and tools you need to do a specific fix, you can find kits that include both the parts you need and the specific tools needed to get the job done. Trying to repair an iPod without proper tools designed specifically for the iPod makes the repair process ten times harder. We understand this and we are sure to include custom tools with our iPod repair kits. An iPod doesn’t have to be broken to take advantage of the kits available. There are also color swap conversion kits available for those looking to give their iPod a more exciting color while replacing many of the vital components such as the touchscreen system.

Many people may be intimidated about attempting a repair one on their own when they first see how technical iPod replacement parts look. Looks are deceiving though. Many people with absolutely no previous technical background have been able to get their iPods back into working shape with repair kits from us here at Zeetron and we are always here to help. All the repair parts and repair kits needed to repair the most popular models of the iPhone and iPad are available here at Zeetron as well. We are your one-stop shop for Apple device repair needs and you can always contact our expert repair technicians for more information.